EnMeter leverages machine learning to produce data-driven insights from decarbonization projects. EnMeter’s engine combines the granularity of smart meter data and hourly grid emissions profiles to calculate credible Scope 2 emissions reductions that can be sold as carbon credits. The platform also allows utilities to manage conservation assets as virtual power plants with meter-based energy efficiency programs.

AI-ML Powered

EnMeter lets AI and machine learning do the hard work of developing statistical models. We provide minimal data cleaning and identify the analysis periods, and the EnMeter routines quickly find the optimal model algorithm, fit it to the baseline data using cross-validation, and provide performance period predictions.


Buildings are nearly infinitely variable. The EnMeter modeling approach can work with customers form any segment, any industry, and any size. The results can be aggregated for any time period. The model can use as many or as few operational data streams as are available.

Monetize Carbon Impacts

EnMeter leverages the granularity of interval data and hourly emissions profiles to calculate credible Scope 2 emissions reductions that can be monetized as carbon offsets.

Minimal Data Entry

Interval data is all that’s required. EnMeter automatically scans for the nearest high quality weather station to gather historical or typical weather data. Many customers also track operational metrics, such as production, occupancy, or sales transactions.

Faster Results

EnMeter’s automated routines process data quickly, reducing time lag. EnMeter can provide initial results as soon as a month after projects are implemented, letting users monitor whole building performance during the year.

Interactive Charts

Engaging visuals are essential to communicating value clearly. EnMeter presents results and key metrics in easy to absorb and printable graphics. The tools can also export data in standard formats to integrate with other program or customer systems.

Easily Track and Monitor Hourly Energy Decarbonization Savings

EnMeter can track energy usage, carbon emissions and savings results monthly, quarterly, annually, or more often if interval data is available. We will work with utilities to securely access data at convenient intervals to provide updates as often as desired.

Realize Financial Benefits

EnMeter’s engine calculates auditable carbon offset credits. Simple dashboards organize financial benefits from these projects in the dynamic carbon market.

Non-Routine Event Detection

EnMeter walks through identifying interruptions so results are not skewed by other inconsistent operations.

Predictive Energy Modeling

EnMeter’s advanced hourly models are capable of providing accurate predictions for future energy usage and associated carbon emissions.

Time and Locational Value of Decarbonization

EnMeter’s hourly reduction results can clearly delineate the time or locational value of decarbonization programs and the carbon offset potential they create.

Reduce Customer Burden

Utilizing EnMeter can completely eliminate the need for detailed site visits with intrusive metering.


EnMeter can securely verify as many projects and customers as needed. Results are reported and recorded for each individual site.

Results That Meet or Exceed Industry Standards And Protocols

EnMeter verifies credible carbon reductions and energy and demand savings consistent with IPMVP, ASHRAE, ISO-5001, and GHG Protocol standards. Our platform also exceeds requirements set by RTOs such as PJM and ISO-New England.

Automatically Test Thousands of Models

We developed a framework with the singular goal of accurately modeling carbon reductions and energy and demand savings. The EnMeter engine tests thousands of models from simple linear regression to advanced artificial neural networks to find which works best for each customer.

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