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Founded in 2022, enfluent began as an idea for a way to seamlessly provide building operators the knowledge and expertise of our energy conservation staff. By leveraging the vast amount of data streams available, enfluent developed a fully automated platform to measure, monetize and quantify energy conservation and decarbonization efforts, EnMeter. enfluent’s mission is to continue building products that remove the complexity in decarbonizing the utility grid where and when it is needed the most.

Leadership Team

Salil Gogte
Salil GogteChief Executive Officer
Salil Gogte is the Co-Founder and CEO of enfluent. After spending over 15 years advising the energy industry on policies for economical energy consumption, Salil embarked on a mission to develop a software company that puts data backed carbon insights into the hands of building operators with the hope that this information stimulates climate change action. Salil leads the vision of enfluent to execute this mission.
Mike Frischmann
Mike FrischmannChief Technology Officer
Mike Frischmann is the Co-Founder and CTO of enfluent. Leveraging his mechanical engineering background, Mike is constantly on the lookout for ways to make things more efficient. Over the last decade, he has become a trusted resource for utilities and building operators on ways to improve the outcomes of energy conservation efforts. This experience fed directly to the founding of enfluent to effectively leverage data to make impactful decisions.
Jake Fuller
Jake FullerCustomer Solutions Manager
Jake has eight years of experience in the energy sector performing all types of quantitative energy analysis for a diverse set of clients. He works hard to understand every client’s needs and deliver tailored solutions to the many challenges facing utilities and building owners. Jake works closely with EnMeter users, ensuring that EnMeter provides each user with the analytics and insights to understand their organization’s unique climate impacts and how to reduce them.
Cory Read
Cory Read Lead Data Scientist
Cory likes to solve problems by extracting untapped information from data. He is a mature programmer who does not expect data to be handed to him in a nice clean, rectangular format. His approach is to take a Swiss Army Knife to analytical problems applying tools from economics, statistics, business intelligence, and data science. Cory leads the data science team at enfluent and he is tasked to make enfluent’s data models self-learning and intelligent.

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